Welcome to the writing adventures of a married couple

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Welcome! We’re glad you’re here! We wanted to give you a proper introduction to who we are and why we’re here. You can check out our About page to get a little glimpse into our quirky personalities and to get to know each of us a little more.

Both of us are avid readers and we enjoy learning about everything. Our passion for reading and personal development led us to create this space on the internet in order to put our voices and writings out into the world little by little. We have big dreams and goals that will be built and shared into this website and blog, and we welcome you along our journey.

We are excited to have you alongside us for what our future holds for each of us. John’s writings will likely reflect his intelligence, a little sarcasm, and his awesome personality, and Sarah’s writings will likely be filled with inspiration, enlightenment, and other hippy-dippy musings.

This will be a place with a great balance of knowledge and creativity and we hope you are entertained by our writing and whatever else may end up here on our personal space of the internet.

This isn’t a place you will find filled with obnoxious scrolling ads, pop-ups, or sales pitches. We plan to keep this a place of simplicity on a very overwhelming and chaotic cyber-space. However, we will recommend products we love, or highly recommend, but it will be subtle and only there when we feel like it has a place.

Please feel free to send us feedback, pointers, constructive criticism, or just your thoughts on any of the subjects we talk about here.


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