Check the Pockets

I washed my husband’s AirPods that were left in his pockets for the 3rd time today (Sorry Babe).

As a Stay-at-Home mom and wife, I have made it my responsibility to do the laundry for my family most of the time. Now, this isn’t because “I’m a woman” or “It’s my job”, no, I do it because it makes our lives easier, and simply because I am home. My husband checks pockets before laundry most of the time, but checking pockets is something I don’t do, I actually refuse to do. I empty mine before I put my pants in the dirty clothes basket, and those are the only pockets I feel that I am responsible for.

The no checking pockets rule has led to a severely broken dryer due to screws getting through the vent trap and into the fan. Add to that list melted crayons, random disintegrated paper scraps, rocks, wrappers, and of course, the AirPods. Pants and shirts have been ruined, and melted gum and candy has been scraped from the drum of my loud, half rumbling, dryer more than once. Still, I don’t check pockets and I won’t be starting to check because of any of these things.

Pockets are so practical because they not only hold the things of our day that had significant importance to each of us, but they also help to keep our hands close to our bodies and keep them warm when the cold weather nips at them a little too much.

Little girls want more pockets, and little boys have more than their fair share. Grown women love functional pockets in their skirts, pants, workout clothes, and rompers. Men use theirs for screws, pens, receipts, wallets, and more. People ridden with anxiety may use their pockets to help them feel safe. Awkward people like to put their hands in their pockets so they don’t feel as though their long, strange limbs are dangling outside of their personal space bubble. Mom’s put so many things in their pockets, in fact, it’s an actual requirement to have pockets in your clothes if you’re a mom. Where else are you going to put all of your child’s precious treasures they find at the park?

My 7 year old son doesn’t go a single day without stuffing his pockets with evidence of his day. His winter jacket was recently washed and his zip pockets were filled with 6 letters, 2 mini-books made in his class, a granola bar (still wrapped), a rock, a paperclip, a tiny clay figure, some trash, and a travel tissue pack. My husband checked those pockets.

Pockets are more than those things above, they help us to keep track of things we need throughout our day, the significant items that we find necessary to keep close to us. They day tell a story of where we have been, where we are going, and what we will need to get us through. I keep rocks and crystals with me most days so that when I put my hands in my pocket I am reminded to be present with myself. I usually have some trash from the kids, and maybe even some dandelions that my daughter slipped into my pocket to keep forever.

For me, I am aware of what’s in my pockets, either put there intentionally for reminders, or that were put there for safekeeping by my kids. It’s refreshing that my kids put trust in me to keep their things safe for them. It’s a joy for me to know that my son has treasures in his that mean a lot to him. I like knowing where my family has been and what they did for the day by the traces left for me to find when I open the dryer. Or on the rare occasion when I happen to feel the pocket before washing the special away.

I choose to check my own pockets, to stay where I am within myself. Other’s pockets aren’t my responsibility. I think this is important in building self awareness, the idea of paying attention to what we keep safe and close to us on a daily basis.

So, what do you keep close to you?


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  1. Bueariful moments held close. I loved reading this thank you for sharing a piece of you.

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