Living Mindfully

In our effort to strive for continuous improvement over the course of the last several years, Sarah stumbled upon a podcast by Brenden Burchard that discusses habits of highly effective people. His book, High Performance Habits, discusses different habits to support an individual’s performance. He created a daily planner/journal to plan each day perfectly and includes a scorecard for each day you use it. Over time, you can gauge how well you are performing.

While I find his planner useful, I also find that some of the questions were redundant–or did not apply to my specific day. Additionally, in my quest to live a more Buddhist-centric lifestyle, I would love a planner/journal that prompted me to answer questions based on mindfulness and Buddhism–as well as the all important business/goal-oriented prompts. The real problem with published journal prompts is that they are created to fit a broad spectrum of people pursuing a a slew of different goals.

In an effort to create a custom-tailored mindfulness journal, Sarah and I created this blog to outline some of our key prompts in our journal. If you find it useful, use it. Click the link below to download the PDF version. Enjoy. Happy Planning!

Daily Journal

  1. What is one thing I could do today that would advance my mindfulness training?
  2. What can I try today, that I have never tried before, that will help me be more mindful? 
  3. What task can I accomplish today that I have been procrastinating on?
  4. What new idea can I develop that will help me solve an issue with work?
  5. How will I practice kindness today?
  6. What is one thing I can do for a family member today?
  7. 3 things I am grateful for today? 
  8. What is my overall goal for the day?
  9. What can I do today to gain traction on one of my personal goals?
  10. What was the worst part of my day?
  11. What is one part of myself that I can love today?

Weekly Review and Planning

  1. What was I most grateful for this week?
  2. What was the worst part of my week?
  3. How did I consistently show kindness to others? 
  4. How did I show kindness to myself this week?
  5. How have I been fully present with my family this week?
  6. What is really hard for me to work on currently? Why?
  7. My top 3 goals for the next week are…
  8. Currently, what is positive in my relationships?
  9. Which relationships need attention this week?
  10. What are 3 things I can do this week that will promote progress on a long term goal?
  11. What do I feel guilt and/or shame about and how do I plan on working to change your thought process around this?

Monthly Review and Planning

  1. Did you accomplish your goals last month?
  2. How are you honoring yourself by making progress towards your goals?
  3. What goals need to be adjusted to fit better within your life?
  4. What negative feelings have you consistently had this last month?
  5. What can you do for your family this month that will strengthen your bond?
  6. What habit would you like to promote this month? 
  7. What habit would you like to change this upcoming month? 
  8. How do you plan to handle negativity and hard things this month?
  9. What are your 5 goals for this new month?

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