John and Sarah

The Walker Family

Long, long ago, in a cyber-galaxy far, far, away…before Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and Twitter, there was social interaction between people, not through cell phones, but on a desktop computer. Without ease and instant gratification, individuals were required to log in to know of updates, notifications, and friend requests. MySpace gave John the courage required to contact what would someday be his wife, best friend, and mother of his dragons. 

John and Sarah began their relationship in the foothills of Northern California and moved to the heart of Central Texas where they built the foundations of their future. After  nine years and two dragons later, they packed up everything they owned in a clown car of a U-Haul trailer and dragged it to a place, that time, and the rest of the world, forgot…Idaho. 

They each grew to learn that they enjoyed reading, writing, and personal development. As of now, they regularly practice principles of Buddhism, yoga, and meditation. As parents, they are nurturing free-thinking children who will be able to use the tools necessary to embrace the many cultures and belief systems of this world. 

The idea of putting it all together and out into the world created this space in the, now vast, cyber-galaxy. 

This is their story (dong, dong)….