Running my first half marathon underneath the Grand Teton mountain range.

I’m Southern born, California raised and my ten year stint in Texas almost warrants me the title of Texan. I currently hang my metaphorical hat in the shadow of the Teton Range in Idaho with my two awesome children, John and Nora, and my best friend, Sarah.

I am the Instrument Services Manager for a company that specializes in calibration and consulting in the construction, industry, and emergency sectors. My nine year tenure with this company began when I answered an advertisement for a delivery driver on Craigslist. I was highly-motivated and succeeded at each position I earned. After only a few short years, I became the manager of the branch that I started in. However, I soon realized that management was a double-edged sword. It was exciting and difficult at the same time. Managing a staff of younger employees proved to be difficult. Finding people that understand long term commitments and hard work was even more difficult. After seven years of service, I was promoted to my current position and relocated my family to Idaho. Management equals stress and stress ultimately leads to anxiety.

For many people, they take pills to cope with the anxieties in their lives. For me, I did the same for several years. I tried Zoloft, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and a few others I can no longer remember. I found they usually work for anxiety but there is always a tradeoff. For me, the tradeoff was motivation, and without motivation, other areas of life suffer. With some gentle (violent) nudges from my much better half, I began meditating. To my surprise, it worked.

Getting a canoli from a New York City street vendor.

As a child, I loved to read, but like most children, my love for reading faded as I entered my adolescence. After several years, I was reintroduced to the wonderful world of books through a different medium–audiobooks. During the beginning of my tenure for my current employer, I traveled frequently and discovered the joy of Audible. Eight years and over 80 audiobooks later, here I am sitting in my makeshift office pondering my own ability to contribute to the literary world. Will I publish a book? Will anyone like it? Will it be a New York Times bestseller? I’m not sure, but I know that with determination and perseverance, I will accomplish anything I desire.