Living Mindfully

In our effort to strive for continuous improvement over the course of the last several years, Sarah stumbled upon a podcast by Brenden Burchard that discusses habits of highly effective people. His book, High Performance Habits, discusses different habits to support an individual's performance. He created a daily planner/journal to plan each day perfectly and includes a scorecard for each day you use it. Over time, you can gauge how well you are performing. While I find his planner useful, I also find that some of the questions were redundant--or did not apply to my specific day. Additionally, in my…


Defining Success

There is a small hill in Idaho Falls that looks out across the valley and down on its inhabitants. The land up there is arid and unusable. There are snakes, and every summer, the land is approached by wildfires. The closest living tree happens to be with the common folk at the bottom of the hill. This hill is where you'll find the Idaho Falls elite. The joke around here is that when a person becomes successful, they move out of the valley and up on the hill. These people measure there success by their perch upon this hill. Why…


On Buddhism and The Noble Eightfold Path

Life is suffering; the sooner we all realize it, the better off we'll be. It's how we process this suffering that makes us who we are. I am writing this blog post to help others understand the benefits of the Buddha's teachings and how I apply these teachings to my own life. The great thing about Buddhism is that the Buddha stated the level of commitment ultimately depends upon the person. If one wants to achieve nirvana (nibbana), The Noble Eightfold Path is how one would achieve this; however, you can get pretty close by adapting these principles into your…


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